How big can we print?

Our biggest 3D printer build volume is 30X30X40 CM, this doesnt mean that we cant print bigger objects, so please still enquire.

How long does it take to print my object?

We aim for 2-4 working day delivery, but this depends of the object size and complexity. Your place in a print queue and mood of the printers :)

How can I place an order?

To place a custom order we need: an STL or OBJ file, detailed requirements if any in written. We will then send you and invoice that need to be paid before we can add your order to our print queue. For orders that require 3D Graphics design or Modeling: we need reference pictures or blueprints, detailed instructions of desired outcome and as much information as possible that will help us design your product or item. We can then send you an invoice and once paid we can begin work. Deatails can be discussed directly via emails.

Can I get this done faster?

Certainly. You can jump the print queue and we can deliver your item as fast as next working day for additional charge, that will require to work extra hours and will include special delivery.