How to Assemble James Bond Moonraker Wrist Dart Gun

Step 1

Take the wrist band and bend it like shown above until each link becomes lose like a chain. Repeat this process with the other wrist band.

Step 2

Take the base of the Wrist gun and apply epoxy glue, then align the wrist bands like shown above and place the main body of the wrist gun on top. Base and the main body has cutouts for the bands. Once you sandwich it together you can use clamps to help the glue spread evenly. Leave for Glue to set.

Step 3

Now for the last part apply glue to the barrel end where the hole is with the smallest diameter. Attache the barrel like shown above and leave for glue to set.

Step 4

Finally your James Bond Wrist Dart Gun is ready. You can now put it on your wrist and using the last link bit connect the bands on your wrist so you can wear it.

Hope you like your new Wrist Dart Gun Replica. :)