How To Assemble Star Lords Blaster

Step 1

Take two rectangular dowels and glue them into the two openings on the barrels of the blaster. Use epoxy glue or Superglue. Leave for glue to set.

Step 2

Next take the back of the barrels and attach them to the front barrels using epoxy glue. Top barrel is larger than the bottom one, follow the GIF above.

Step 3

Now take the handle part and glue it to the top barrel like shown above. Make sure you attach it right way around. Trigger finger cutout on the handle is to be closer to the large barrel. Leave glue to set.

Step 4

Next repeat the same for the bottom/smaller barrel like shown above. Use epoxy glue and leave it to set.

Complete Star Lords Blaster

And your Star Lords Blaster is complete. We recommend you use Epoxy Glue throughout the assembly as it is the strongest adhesive, but you can use Hot glue if you dont have epoxy.

Hope you like your new Star Lords Blaster.