How to Assemble Tomb Raider Pick Axe

Step 1

Take two halves of the handle, apply epoxy or superglue and align two halves as shown above.

Clamp two halves if necessary and wait for glue to set.

Step 2

Now align and glue two halves of the bottom part of the axe that goes into handle like shown above. Leave glue to set.

Step 3

Repeat the step 2 with the top part of the axe closer to blades. Refer to GIF above. Leave the glue to set.

Step 4

Next take the bottom and the top parts of the axe and using epoxy or a superglue attach them together like shown above. If you followed steps before correctly, they will align perfectly. Clamp these parts if needed and leave for the glue to set.

Step 5

Now you can glue the main body of the Axe into the handle like shown above. Epoxy glue would be the best for this type of connection. Leave the glue to set.

Step 6

Next we can glue the halves of the blade together with Epoxy or Superglue like shown above. Align the halves best you can and leave the glue to set.

Step 7

Finally put some glue onto the middle of the blade and slide the blade into the main body of an axe like shown above. Leave the glue to set and you have yourself an assembled Laras Pick Axe. We recommend you use epoxy glue throughout the assembly, but superglue can work too. When a prop comes in parts, it is easier to sand it and paint it before final assembly.

Hope you like your new Tomb Raider Axe.