Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles Replica Prop 3D Printed.

Inspired by the Ghostbusters film series, the one size fits most humans. 
In Film used:
To See Invisible Ghosts and PKE valences. The Ecto Goggles are capable of tracking down a specific entity by the psychokinetic energy it emits. They are also equipped with night vision and can allow sight of a ghost that has rendered itself invisible to the naked eye.

What you get: 3D Printed Replica Ecto Goggles and 38mm wide and 1m long strap. Designed to fit most head sizes. 

Item Comes Fully assembled. 
3D Printed in Grey PLA Plastic at 0.2mm layer height. Goggles are ready to be painted. (Some sanding may be required) 

This item is 3D Modelled and Printed by 3D Delight. We tried our best to recreate the famous goggles from the film, but this is not by any means an exact replica.

Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles Replica Prop 3D Printed