Key to Hamunaptra Book of the Dead prop replica, from the movie The Mummy.

Great item to every fan of The Mummy. Can be used as a display piece or for cosplay. You can store things inside, like a ring or the map :) or anything you like that fits

3D Printed in Gold/Bronze PLA plastic at 0.2mm layer height. Ready to be painted (some sanding may be required)

1:1 scale prop (7cm in diameter when closed) and 13cm (5 inch) from spike to spike when open. 
Leaf doors can be opened and closed manually. You can also twist the two halves, but this is not spring loaded model, therefore it will not open by doing so. 

The book of the dead is in progress and will be soon available for purchase :) keep an eye out for it, as this key will open the book of dead we are currently 3D Designing. 

This key of Hamunaptra is modelled and 3D Printed by 3D Delight. We tried out best to recreate the one from the film, but this is not by any means an exact replica.

Key to Hamunaptra Book of the Dead Mummy Prop Replica 3D Printed mechanical (man