Scout Trooper blaster EC-17 Replica 3D Printed

You can purchase this as fully assembled or as a DIY kit.
Should you chose DIY kit, you will receive assembly instructions as a link with your parcel. Instructions include animated Step by step assembly process.

3D Printed in grey PLA plastic at 0.2mm layer height.
This full size replica is great for cosplay and comic-cons as well as can be a good display piece.
Comes ready to paint (some light sanding may be required)

A bit of history:

This hold-out blaster pistol, sometimes known as a scout blaster but commonly referred to as a scout trooper blaster pistol, was a standard-issue weapon used by the scout troopers of the Galactic Empire. Clone scout troopers of the 41st Elite Corps and Clone shadow troopers were also known to carry these weapons during the latter stages of the Clone Wars.
This compact, one-handed blaster was fitted with a side-mounted targeting scope and phase amplifier, and featured a miniature gas cell on the rear. The weapon had a short-range barrel. Scout troopers commonly carried these weapons in a boot holster of their armour. Because scout troopers wore padded gloves, the pistol had a pressure-sensitive grip rather than a trigger. The trooper was able to hold the grip with two gloved fingers through the enlarged finger guard.
During the time of the Galactic Civil War, at least one trader was known to possess this weapon, calling it Trader's Friend.

This blaster is modelled and 3D Printed by me. I tried to recreate a screen accurate piece, but this is not by any means an exact replica.

Scout Trooper blaster EC-17 Star Wars Replica 3D Printed