Rey's LPA NN-14 blaster - Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker 3D Printed. BIGGER HANDLE MODEL

This item is 3D printed at 20% infill, very sturdy. Printed in grey PLA plastic. 
The blaster is about 10 inches (approx. 30cm). 
Ready to be painted. (some light sanding may be required)

This blaster is different from others as the handle size is increased for better grip and looks. Comes fully assembled and has details like screws on. 


This Item Is Modelled and 3D Printed by 3D Delight. We Tried our best to recreate the famous blaster, but this is not by any means an exact replica.


Star Wars NN-14 Rey Blaster - The Rise of Skywalker 3D Printed Replica Prop