DC The Dark Knight Rises Batman Bruce Wayne EMP Gun Cosplay Weapon Prop 3D Printed
Batman uses a lot of Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) technology in The Dark Knight Rises. And an EMP gun is a very iconic example. 
This replica EMP gun is a must have for any Batman's fan. Great for cosplay or as a display piece. 

This is a 4 part kit and easy to assemble measuring a full 26 inches when complete.
Roughly 67cm long when expanded, and around 59cm contracted.

Some sanding and filling and glue will be required. This 3D printed kit is printed in Black PLA plastic to give a good base before painting 

This Item is 3D designed and printed by me, this is my representation of the prop from the film. I treid my best to make it as close to the screen version as possible, but it is not by any means an exact replica. 

Please allow 3 working day before item gets shipped, as its printed per order.


The Dark Knight Rises Batman EMP GUN 3D Printed